EL POLACO, a way of Flamenco to understand.

The Cultural Flamenco Association , "El Polaco", was founded on December, 2012 and und it receives his name from Luis Heredia Fernández, "El Polaco", Flamenco singer from Granada, representative of Flamenco with a long and recognized musical trajectory, specialized in cante puro. And we had the pleasure of which this biggest Flamenco singer was inaugurating our company of our president, Mr Joaquín Ortega.

Our Mission, among other things, is to promote and to spread the Flamenco in all his expression, as vocal heritage of the humanity. We want that it is an artists' river flowing of very much art, with important artists such as Luis Heredia Fernández, Jose el Francés, El Parrita, La Nitra, Aires de Andalucia and many more that every weekend we are glad to present.

In the Peña Flamenco we have several activities:

Classes of initiation: Flamenco dance, guitar lessons and cajón Flamenco.

Flamenco gatherings with a nearest performance to the public who visits us.

Fridays and Saturdays-Dinner +Show with figures of Flamenco scene.

Visit the best place in Spain to enjoy the Flamenco art